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Grazia Forte Kid’s Activity Placemats!

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Grazia Forte Photography features images from around the world, capturing remarkable places and moments. From the jurassic plains and high savannahs of Africa, to the bustling cities bursting at the seams with exotic scents and sounds of Asia, Grazia Forte captures the essence of faraway lands. These one-of-a-kind photos capture remarkable places and moments, and transport you to faraway lands and barely hidden dreams.

Your purchase of a Grazia Forte greeting card, placemat or photo provides the gift of self-sufficiency to those who need it the most, because one hundred percent (100%) of all profits go to charities that provide microfinance loans. Microfinance plays a powerful role in breaking the cycle of poverty by lending poor people small loans to start or expand small businesses. Very small loans (think $100) are given to people in Africa and around the world to buy things like a sewing machine to mend clothes or a buffalo to sell milk. These businesses provide a sustainable source of income which transforms the lives of the individuals as well as their families. Microfinance loans empower the poor to lift themselves out of poverty.

Grazia Forte photos are available direct (contact us) or in a limited number of stores in the Austin, Texas and St. Paul, MN area. For more details, see the How to Buy page.

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